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February ‘19 – New Picture Collection!

February 12, 2019

February ‘19 – New Picture Collection!

Glass – yes or no?

Natural light can make it difficult to present a lot of glass framed pictures in their best setting due to reflections – we field a lot of questions about how best to showcase pictures in rooms where there is a lot of natural light.  The simple answer is not easily.  We have however developed a range of pictures that are framed but do not have glass, specifically for rooms like this.  Examples below;

Floral Study

Grey Frames

Matt grey framed pictures are growing quickly in their popularity; their ability to subtlety complement colours, both in the picture and neighbouring walls means they offer customers more flexibility as their tastes change at home.  (Negating ‘We need to keep the room like this because of that picture’ or ‘That picture will have to come down and be put into storage now we have decided to redecorate’)

We have some super exciting pictures in this range, some examples below: 

Venice Picture

Lake Buttermere Picture

Market Town Picture

Hand-finished Embellishment

Customers are looking for pictures that offer more in experience and the expectation now, more than ever, is that a good picture should Wow every day!  As a result we offer a range of pictures that have beautiful detailed hand-finished embellishments. These enhancements include gel, stones, glitter and material.

Some examples below:

Paris Lovers Picture

Lovers Paris Picture

Dunes Picture

Dunes Picture
Crashing Wave Picture

Crashing Wave Picture
Floating Canvass’

Canvas floating frames give the illusion that the canvas is floating in a distinctive space within the frame.  It is a great way to give a picture more emphasis as well as protecting the delicate canvas edges. We have some really stunning options that use this clever technique;

Fox Canvas 


New York, Venice, Croatia and The Lake district – just a few of the many beautiful locations that we have pictures from.  Fond memories of that special trip or time away, it’s always very nice to be able to have something that has personal significance.

 New York Central Park Winter Picture

London Aerial Picture

Rialto Bridge Night Picture


Our beach and coastal picture scenes are epic in their tranquility and calmness. They often have subtle effects added to keep you transfixed and always offering a slightly different view from different angles and lights.

Dunes Canvas

Through the Window Canvas

 To view our full range of new pictures click here: 


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