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How to choose the best picture for your home?

August 07, 2018

How to choose the best picture for your home?

What is your room’s anchor point?

‘Hello, can I help?’
‘Yes, I am looking for the perfect picture for my home/room’
‘Ok, great – what would the perfect picture look like?’
‘I don’t know…..’

This is a very common introduction in our shop and never fails to make me smile!  Alas the important decision has been made; the perfect picture needs to be found – the fun part!

I always start by asking the customer if they want the picture to define the room or the room to define the picture.  As surprising as it may sound we get more and more customers that are designing a room around a picture.  It really is exciting to work on a project like this as the boundaries can be so much broader!

Once you have your anchor point; a sofa, dining table, picture or otherwise you can start to close in on the perfect picture.

For me pictures can be categorised by their intended purpose – textures, places, framing and colours all have a huge role to play in the ultimate finish and feel of a room.

Take your time!

‘I have this space that needs filling!’

Yes, spaces do need filling but not with a rush purchase.  You’re likely to pass this on your wall most days, it will be something you look at in an array of moods and subsequently will embody (in-part) you as a person.  Making sure you LOVE it is numero uno!  Not what anyone else thinks, just you!

We often see customers on several occasions before purchasing – sizing, colours and time to reflect are all important and necessary components of the buying process.  Do not feel this is uncommon place or you are being overly fussy.

The do’s and don’ts – they say…

  • Buy what you love!
  • Consider mixing and matching contemporary and traditional styles
  • Always take time to consider the framing – it really can make the difference
  • Always make sure you buy quality glass that safeguards the integrity of the picture over its intended life
  • Think seasonal – it is not uncommon for our customers to swap pictures in and out over a year to reflect the changing seasons. i.e. that lovely winter scene can be a little chilly to look at in the depths of winter…


Find a shop that is willing to flexible and work with you on making the experience successful and enjoyable.  Our customers know that if something they buy isn’t 100% right we will refund without question. 

I find myself often delivering pictures to customers, helping to hang on their wall and sitting with them over a tea or wine (love wine!) to reflect and discuss.  Do we think it meets the brief, are we happy with it and does it stand to excite daily?!

This is the most fun part of the job by far!

If you would like to arrange an appoint for help on this or any other aspect of home furnishing please call on: 01743 232234

Good luck in your search for that perfect picture, here are some of latest new ones below….

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