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Finding the Perfect Occasional Chair

September 14, 2018

Finding the Perfect Occasional Chair

This month’s blog sees us take a first look at Occasional Chairs – part 1 introduces some of the many different styles along with how to select the perfect chair for your home.  Here is some of our favourite chair styles:

The Club Chair

Traditionally designed to be super comfy with a deep soft seat and high armed, this beautiful chair originated from France where it first appeared as the Fauteuil Confortable “comfortable armchair” in the early 20th Century.

These chairs were made for lazy moments of relax and thought.  Just imagine a cold winters day, the fire roaring in your sitting room and being curdle up in a lovely Club Chair, book in hand, with nowhere to be…

Grey Blue Wool Club Chair

The Slipper Chair

The Slipper Chair is simply an armless chair that has short(er) legs meaning it sits closer to the ground.  It is traditionally used in smaller rooms, or where space is tight and with low coffee tables. We have also sold them to people who want them in bathrooms or in hallways where space is limited but impact/statement is needed.

White Fabric Slipper Chair

The Occasional Chair

An Occasional Chair derives its name from its intended use – occasionally! Often also referred to as the Accent Chair this piece of furniture provides extra seating but also accent, or statement!  It can tie together a look, stand out as an unexpected contrast or bring things into focus.

A well-chosen Occasional Chair can have dramatically positive effects on a room that emphasize style, colours and ambiance.
An Occasional Chair can come in a whole array of different styles, shapes, colours and forms.

The Winged Back Chair

Characterised by “wings” mounted on the back of the chair, the purpose of these chairs was to enclose the head or torso areas of the body to provide comfortable protection from drafts and to trap heat from a fireplace.  An English design that originates as far back as the 1600s!

They typically have the seat and aura of a Club chair – super comfy, deep seated and perfect for lazing!

How to choose the right Occasional Chair

1. Determine your need

Measure the space and assess what role this chair, or chairs, needs to play – as we have noted in the above, chairs come in all different shapes, sizes and prices so this is an important starting point. Budget is important to note at this stage too!

2. Decide what role this chair will play in your overall décor

Are we trying to tie together a look, make a massive statement or give subtle contrast and focal point to a room.  These are important considerations in your search for the perfect chair.  

3. Get out there a sit on some chairs!

It continues to astound me how many people buy chairs and sofas for their homes without taking proper due time to sit in the chair and see how it feels first.  For me an uncomfortable chair is defunct, no matter how ‘striking’ or beautiful it may look, its primary role has been missed. 

As obvious a point as this may sound, comfortability is numero uno – it trumps everything else.  I would never buy or sell a chair in our shops that hasn’t passed my stringent first-hand lazing test!

Stay tuned for Part 2 a little later this year which will see us looking at more styles and how I got on with my first reupholstery training course!

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