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Our Top Pick Geometric Interior Design Ideas

July 03, 2018

Our Top Pick Geometric Interior Design Ideas

The use of geometric shapes and patterns in the home has always been present with little attention being paid to how they work or what they do, however, the difference trending now is celebrating their form and letting them stand out! - in 2017 this saw rise to rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings that had geometric ‘pop’.  This year will see this use of geometrics taken further via striking wallpaper, art and decorative accessories that have the ability to transform a space into a unique eye-catching room.

Below are several examples that we here at AF Interiors like very much: 

Side table – playing with lines this side-table also has real elegance and sophistication, partnered with more neutral or natural tones it would make for overall an impressive comforting statement in any bedroom or lounge.

  Geometric Gold Side Table

Pots, Jars and Vases – we love the geometry of this hounds-tooth jar, a functional storage item that would transform a natural oak dresser or equally a clean neutral coloured work surface in the kitchen.

Hounds Tooth Jar

Lighting – lamps can be a massive attraction for moving the focus in a room from an area to a focal point.  A geometric table lamp can draw you into a room, distract people away from everyday accessories and pull people into discussion. 

Bronze Antique Look Geometric Lamp

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