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How to use Textures in the home?

May 22, 2018

How to use Textures in the home?

Textures have always played an important role in the decorating of homes, the difference trending specifically now is shifting textures from being an after thought to the forefront of room choice and design.  This is also being coupled with a much braver and daring focus on playing around with textures to give your room maximum ‘pop’! 

Textural sensation can be as equally striking to the eye as it is to feel. Squishy soft rugs or carpets, industrial feel wooden tables or vases and occasional items that give luxurious silky feel all add huge value to any room.  Textures also play the same important role colour does in adding warmth or coolness to a room.  For example, rough textures are more likely to make a room feel intimate and grounded and smooth textures bring sleeker more clean cool tones.

Less is more!  Balance is important to be found in not going overboard with textures – typically speaking it is recommended to stick with three or four textures to lift a whole space or two to three to accentuate a specific focus area.

Included herein are some products from AF Interiors that we feel embody the principle values of textual trends at the moment:

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